August 18, 2013


I never did continue on with our vacation adventures, did I?  Nope, but I'll get back to it at some point.

Somewhere in late June or early July, we made the decision to begin the search for a piece of property on which to build our next home.  In July we found a piece we thought quite right.  A price was agreed upon, and with a great flurry of activity, the adventure began.

Friday, said adventure came to a halt, as we stepped away from the purchase.  Too many unknowns had arisen, too many costs greater than those anticipated loomed.  We made a sad, but prudent decision, and slept much better that night.

We will take a little break, regroup, and begin the search anew shortly.  In the meantime, what does this woman do?  Well, for starters, I took a good look at the calendar and realized how little of summer remains.  The paint can and brushes were then stored in the corner for a few days and I high-tailed it outside!

First, a greeting to sweet Sabastian, my baby gargoyle and guardian of the flower pots.  (He's such a dear!)

Then it was on to my dear garden, in which I have spent far too little time this summer.  (I nearly missed the Stargazers this summer!)  A bowl full of Mr. Stripey tomatoes and an English cucumber were plucked for this evening's salad.....

and the first blushing Gravenstein apples of the season were harvested, carried into the kitchen, and

made into this lovely thing now cooling on the counter and driving my fellows crazy.

I feel so much better now!  There is nothing like a little time in the sunshine, garden and kitchen, to help right my world.

Dessert will be served about 7:30.  :)


  1. Good fruit, good vegetables, good pie. It is nice that you can put things right. And in such a healthy way.

    1. It was so nice to just relax and enjoy the simple things. :) Thank you for visiting!

  2. oooo what a lovely pie. I'm sure it tasted yummy.

  3. Beautiful pie!
    Inspiring me to mâle one:)

    I am off to get to know you much better réading up on your older postings.

    We share the same name, mine sounding like yours but spelling French.


    Doré .....Dore

    1. Thank you for visiting, Dore! I will visit you! Is your name common in France? Mine is short for "Dorothy" and is not common in the U.S.

  4. lol! Dore! You are in California! Silly me! :)

  5. Lovely post, Dori. A reminder that though things do not always work out as we think it should, there are blessings abounding everywhere if we seek them out. Beautiful tomatoes and apples, a funny little gargoyle to make us smile, love it! xo


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