March 25, 2013

Greeting Spring

It is a lovely, sunny, mild afternoon here on South Whidbey, and Millie and I just returned from a long walk.  We listened to birds twittering in the roadside brambles and enjoyed checking the progress of daffodils blooming in the welcome sunshine.  

It was quite a leisurely stroll for there was much of interest to Millie's nose.   It is so hard to believe that this.....

is what we had just three days ago!  (My apologies to those we forwarded this on to!  So sorry!)  However, I have to say, I actually welcomed the storm, for it was lovely to look out and see snow while I labored away on adding inventory to my new online shop, Green Willow Living.

For those of you happening here after my long hiatus, or finding my blog for the first time, a warm welcome to you.  If you are coming here from my old Island Tea Company blog, you may find you'd rather sign up to receive my newsletter which will be much more about Green Willow Living and its teas and offerings, for this place will be much more about my Whidbey Island days and all that I may be doing.   There will be some cooking, baking and gardening; there will be glimpses into the creative side of my studio/workshop and creations which may make their way to Green Willow; and there will be some about my business doings and bits about my creative friends and their businesses, too.   In short, my Rainbows blog will be a mishmash of much!  

So, do stop back from time to time to see what Millie and I are up to.  We'll look forward to seeing you!

Wishing you warm spring sunshine,
Dori & Millie

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  1. The blooms are so beautiful! I wish we could see a glimpse of Spring here but we got 8 inches of snow this week. I think it will warm up in the coming days.. I hope.

    Blessings to you as you move forward!


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