June 3, 2012

In honor of The Queen's Diamond Jubilee

I would have loved to have been in England for this weekend's festivities, but since that could not be, I decided we should at least have scones and tea!

And so we did.  Well, actually I had tea with my scones, and Chris enjoyed beer with his.  Not exactly traditional perhaps, but the Brits do enjoy a nice IPA.


We enjoyed our teatime at our back garden firepit where Chris was trying out his newly designed and home fabricated smoker unit.  There is a brined chicken smoking in there to be enjoyed later this evening.  Corgi Millie also attended tea and did a wonderful job of tidying up for us. 

After tea some quiet, companionable time was enjoyed.

Best wishes to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth on this very special occasion!

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  1. I had a cream tea in honour of the Queen this weekend too! Love your blog :)


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