June 10, 2012

Good luck, little mouse!

We had planned on releasing little Miny Mo today.  In preparation for the big event I'd prepped a little release shelter for him which we had placed in his file box.  My thought was he would have the little shelter to hide in until he found suitable accommodations in the great outdoors.  In the file box we also put a small bowl with soil and sprigs of plants from the woodsy area near where he had been found.  Seeds were scattered about and little mouse seemed to enjoy digging in the soil and foraging for seeds.  Each day following, he was a little more shy, a little more wild.  By Wednesday of last week, he declined to take formula from the eyedropper, preferring instead to lap up his milk from a tiny bottle cap.   While it saddened me to have him hide from me, I knew it was for the best.  For him to survive on his own, for even a short while, he would need every wily instinct he could muster. 

For several nights I'd placed the file box in the garage to let the little fellow adjust to cooler temperatures.  In the morning I'd find him curled up snugly in his nest of tissue.  Friday morning when I went to check on him, I discovered our tiny guest had taken matters into his own wee hands and had clambered or jumped his way to freedom.

Friday evening, we put a small dish with seeds and bottle caps with water and formula on the garage floor.   Some creature, whether Miny Mo or one or more of his kin, had enjoyed the offerings.   Knowing we do not want to encourage rodents near the house, last evening we set out live traps, baited with oatmeal and seeds.  While one was tripped this morning, there was no little mouse inside.  The nearby seed dish had not been disturbed, so we are hoping our little orphan made his way successfully out of the garage and into the nearby woods. 

I must say, I find myself missing the busy little mouse.  I hope his life, be it long or short, will be a grand adventure.  Perhaps he packed a tiny rucksack and is on his way to visit the mice of Brambly Hedge!  Bon Voyage!  Good luck!  : )


  1. Ahhh...that was such a sweet post and you get the prize for most patient and indulgent Mom EVER! ;P

  2. What a sweet, almost storybook post. It's kind of bittersweet to think this little guy you cared for is now out on his own.

    I don't really like mice, but all along I've been rooting for him.

  3. Thank you, Alice & Steph. :) I never, every imagined I would be talked into "bottle feeding" a baby mouse! Don't tell Miny Mo, but usually we put out much scarier traps....

  4. Dori dear, I was so drawn into your little mouse's life for a bit. It is hard to let go, isn't it?

    Now I am wondering if you will be able to set the regular-sort-of-traps knowing your Miny Mo is out there?

  5. Lesley, The household has agreed, that for a time, we will just put out the live traps. Come autumn, should we notice an increase in mice activity, where they should not be, the regular-sort-of-traps will be employed. Fortunately, ever since Miss Abby came to stay, we have not had many mousies in the garage and duct work. Supposedly just the presence of a kitty in ones' house will deter the small creatures.

    Dori's thoughts cautioned, "Run, Miny Mo! Run fast and far away! But, stay to the cover of the salal and huckleberry growing thick at the woodland's edge. Do not venture far into the meadow, for it is the domain of Hawk and Owl, and is most unsafe!"

    : )

  6. What a sweet story, and after seeing your little mousling have to agree that he is sweet. AND yes, most patient Mom ever.

    Funny, isn't it, that even for a little mouse your mother insint is awakened. May he live long, and tell his great grandchildren the tale of how he lived in the "big house" for a while before he daringly escaped back to the wild wood. xo

  7. lol! The "big house".... :)

    Lidy, Miny Mo could very well have great grandchildren by next spring! I just hope they are not all in our garage or crawl space!

  8. here you've been all along, living life enchanted and steady, i didn't know it. we need to find the secret garden, swing the door open, and look long at the secrets. there are people who have been in the garden waiting to share gifts wrapped in peppermint ribbon. these gifts allow us to see real magic....

    thank you. i will love to visit here.


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