February 19, 2012

A romp in the meadow

Last weekend was the last weekend we'll have both boys home for a while.  Jamie left last Monday on a one way ticket to Hawaii to start a life adventure.  How long he'll be there is anyone's guess!  At the least, he'll be there until his meager savings give out.  His first foray for provisions was an eye-opening experience.  I giggled at this text message, "...went to the market yesterday and was shocked at some of the prices.  How can beer be three dollars more when it's made here?"   ;-) 

(Ahhhh.... Welcome to the real world, Grasshopper!  We've been to Hawaii a few times on family vacations, but when Mom and Dad pickup the tab, you don't get the whole picture. )

The day before Jamie left, we took Missy Millie for a romp in the meadow. 

Waving white tipped tail = Happy pup!

Happy boy, happy dog.  I think the excitement of his coming adventure shows on Jamie's face.  Millie, of course, was just having a grand time.  By the next morning she was not such a happy camper.  With Jamie off to Hawaii and William back to college the house was verrrrrry quiet.  We'll adjust, but it's going to take a little while. 

Aloha nui loa, Jamie!  


  1. Aren't we all just hopeless romantics deep down? Runs in the family :)

    Great picture of him though, handsome man!!

    I want to meet Millie!!


  2. Poor Mom and Millie! You two have each other now, which has a sweetness all its own. Both Millie and Jamie look happy. What a beautiful picture, Dori. xo

  3. LOL yes it's a real eye opener for them when they are the ones paying...I hope he has a wonderful adventure. I don't think I've adjusted to mine leaving yet and it's been years :))

  4. How very exciting! Wishing him the best in his adventure. And that doggy? Fabulous!


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