May 8, 2011

Destined to be the mother of boys.....

I always thought I'd have girls.  When I was expecting my first baby, I remember, as if yesterday, the first baby outfit I bought.  It was a soft little pink after bath snuggly gown, with a hood and cuffs trimmed in delicate lace.  Several weeks later, during an ultrasound, it was revealed that I was to have a baby Jamie (James) rather than the Elizabeth I was so sure of.  After a brief moment of shock, I laughed and happily prepared to greet a tiny son.  The little pink gown was wrapped in tissue and tucked carefully away.

After my first marriage ended and my sweet Jamie and I moved into our cozy cottage, I nearly donated that little pink gown.  I remember kneeling on the floor holding that bit of pink, thinking "I'll probably never re-marry and have another baby....,"  but I couldn't let it go.  I re-wrapped it in tissue, slipped in a bit of hope, and tucked it back into my cedar chest.

Several years later, happily re-married, my Chris and I discover to our delight that I am pregnant, and this time I know, I am absolutely certain, this baby is a girl!  Three months later, the results of an amniocentesis reveal we will welcome......sweet William.  Once again, the delicate pink gown is tucked back into its tissue nest where it would safely stay for many years.

Needless to say, I would not dream of trading my boys for girls, and I've come to believe that while I may be a good auntie to my nieces, I am a great mother for my boys.

I have introduced them to cooking and sewing, and many tea parties we have certainly had.  I believe in letting children play in the mud, climb trees and build forts.  I would have encouraged a daughter to get dirty, just as much as I encouraged my boys.   There is a time for dress up and best behavior, but then there is also time for rolling in the grass with the puppy and the wearing of old sneakers and jeans with ripped knees.  If I'd had a girly-girl, I'm not quite sure I would have known what to do!

I've been a soccer mom for Jamie, and a basketball and track mom for Will.  I have nearly lost track of how many trips to the ER I've made for the setting of bones and the stitching of wounds.  But, I have also spent much time carefully nurturing my boys and teaching and guiding in the hopes that they will grow to become wonderful men, respectful of women, and loving husbands and tender fathers.

I'm pretty certain my boys will marry wonderful girls, and hopefully, hopefully, one day I shall have a granddaughter!

What happened to the little pink gown, you may ask?  Eleven years ago, my sister-in-law discovered she was expecting twin girls and I happily gave it to her, with other tiny pink things, at her baby shower.  :-)

Happy Mothers Day to all you wonderful women, mothers or aunties or friends, who care for and nurture the young ones around you!


  1. And a very happy Mothers Day to you, dear Dori, from another mother of two sons, with the same hopes and happinesses as you.

  2. Thank you, Lesley dear. I hope you had a lovely day and sweet moments with your two. {hug}

  3. Dori I am sure you will get a sweet GRANDdaughter to dress in pink ! and I know your son's wives will be so grateful for the way you raised them (())

  4. Thank you, sweet Francie. {hug} Do you suppose I could risk sewing any little pink things? Hmmm....I think I best wait! :-)


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