January 1, 2011

A new year begins...

The first day of the new year is softly coming to an end.  Just before the sun set, I glanced out the window to see the tops of the tallest firs and cedars tinted a warm gold....such a contrast to the cooler greens below and the bluish cast of the snow which covers the meadow still.

The stars now twinkle in a dark winter sky and a small, prayer candle flickers upon my desk.  This is one of my most favorite nights of the year.

This is my time to sit and let my mind wander through the year past, flitting from memory to memory, each a small glowing treasure. It was a good year.  To be sure, there were challenges and there was stretching, but really it was a fine year with much sweetness and adventure.

This time last year I announced the coming closure of my little shop.  Oh, how the last months of shopkeeping were savored.  At the end of May I moved all the teas and teapots home to a large studio/workroom freshly painted a pretty robin's egg blue.  Now I work at my pine desk, in front of a large window which looks out into the treetops and down to a grassy meadow frequented by deer and bunnies.  In June I journeyed, by myself for the first time ever, to visit a dear friend.  That sweet week marked a paradigm shift that began for me more than a year prior.  I returned to my loved ones with a peacefulness that lingers still, a peacefulness that comes from knowing with quiet certainty what my mind, body, heart, and soul need at this time of my life.

My mind needs a little peace, a little quiet, and great deal more simplicity and order.  My soul wishes to embrace each day and recognize it for the precious gift that it is.  My body craves more fresh air, and restorative time in nature,  and most importantly, my heart desires to be more present in the lives of those I love and care for.

Attending to these needs and desires, will bring a little more joy to my life.  Joy.  My word for the year.

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  1. Such lovely photos and sentiments. Your puppy is adorable. Since reading Tasha Tudor, I always had a secret wish for a corgi.


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