August 25, 2010

At the beach on a perfect summer day

In May, I made a list of things I hoped to do this summer.  I haven't had a whole summer at home without a shop to to run for 12 years, so my wish list was quite a long list indeed!  I knew I wouldn't be able to do everything, but it was such fun to write down everything that came to mind.  There were tasks that needed to be tackled, including organizing the many things heaped in my studio for my now home based business, and there were simple home and garden to-do's.  I hoped to work through a few of the Italian lessons waiting on my Mac, to sew and craft, and cook and read, and to carve out time for long walks with sweet Corgi Millie.  However, the most important things on my list all have to do with my family.  On my list you will find "coffee with my parents," "wine with Chris on deck after work," "one on one time with each son" and "lunches at Double Bluff Beach with the boys."

I'm happy to say I've done many of the things on my list, but we've only made it to our favorite beach together a few times.  Happily, yesterday was one of them, and it was a perfect day for an afternoon at the beach.  While the temperature was in the low 80s at our house, it was high 70s at the beach with a lovely fresh breeze coming in off the water.  We had picked up munchies and beverages on the way and arrived at the beach just as the tide turned bringing the water in over the warm, gently sloping sand.  Perfect conditions for Jamie to do some sketching, for William to do some skimboarding, and for me to snap a few photos.

My long, tall boy heading out to the water.

We have few waves of any size in this shallow bay.  So, this is flatland skimboarding.  A board is thrown, the boarder runs onto it and glides across a thin layer of water, sometimes for a great distance.  Tricks of all sorts are done, many very similar to those one sees in skateboarding or snowboarding.


  Side-slips, Ollies, Shuv-Its, and Spins......... So fun to watch!

But what I saw was a graceful, spinning, gliding dance on sparkling water on a beautiful summer day.... and my son.


  1. Ah Dori, sounds like a wonderful day! The photos of your skimboarder are great.
    I am so happy that you are having this time with your family...time passes by so quickly. I have checked your blog often and thought of you and the visit you had with Leslie.
    I'm so happy you posted this.

  2. Heyyyy Sweet Pea, it's Thanksgiving !!!! want to wish you and yours a very blessed and happy holiday.


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