May 23, 2010

Time to write.....

Six months plus since I last wrote in this blog of mine.  Once I made the decision to close my brick & mortar tea shop, and committed to a date, that is pretty much been where my time needed to be focused. But now I am finding time here and there to take a breath, to sit quietly, to become better acquainted with my camera, and to write.  It is so very nice. 

Our weather this spring has been so fitful. Even for this pacific northwest girl, this is getting quite tiresome!  Don't get me wrong, I do love my rain boots, but day after day?  It is June now and I still have planting to do!  But all the rain has certainly contributed to the rich lushness that abounds on our pretty island. During one rare, lovely afternoon, while sunshine dappled the lawn, I spent some peaceful moments wandering about.

Chris reseeded our back lawn early this spring and the rich green is the perfect backdrop for the iris planted close to our little pond.

The exbury azalea in the photo above is simply glorious this year! We moved it from my fenced garden last summer and thus far have been able to keep our deer from nibbling on it.  May my luck continue, because I love, LOVE this azalea!  The color, the fragrance....perfection!

A very industrious bumble bee working the purple rhodies at the top of the yard.  These bumble bees are a little on the petite size, just a bit bigger than a honey bee.   Don't you love their orange stripe?  These rather solitary creatures will bed down in a blossom at day's end.  If you go out early, while it is still quite cool, you can pet them, ever so gently of course.  They will stretch in a groggy fashion, and then snuggle in again until the sun's warmth wakes them. 

Here are Chris' pampered goldfishies in the Sashimi Pond.  ;-)  They are fed daily and protected by the wire grid from the ever so patient blue heron that does regular reconnaissance flyovers.   On occasion you will look out the window and find this lovely piece of yard art standing ever so quietly eying the plump fish.  Giving up (with a sigh I am sure), she will run a few steps on her stork like legs and flapping a bit awkwardly up and away she'll be over the cedar trees. Not today, not today....
While I walked about the garden, my little shadow followed me....

Such a cutie-pie!  I love this pooch!  :-)  There are many such jaunts ahead of us, Miss Millie. 


  1. Hello Dori dear,
    It is lovely to see your flower-filled, fish-adorned green, green, green garden. And so tidy and well-tended....soon you shall be surrounded by our not-so-tidy wild country garden. But you can help me make my plans for it, now that there is more time in life to do such between the chats and cups of tea we will enjoy on the porch.
    May some more sunshine come your way!

  2. It is so beautiful where you live. I'm happy you are able to spend more time enjoying it and your family.
    Dori I loved the tea ! Had to write about it on my blog.

  3. Hello Dori,
    Thanks so much for your visit and kind comments.
    I will add you to my mailing list!
    I love your garden and Miss Millie is adorable!
    ~ Gabriela ~

  4. Hello Dori and thank You for the comment in my blog.=)
    It´s so nice and well needed to get all the support You can when starting up something of your own. And this is the first time for both Anna, the girl with the café, and me, so we are a bit nervous.
    I hope You come visit Sweden some time, and when You do, You are always welcome to Brunsberg.♥
    Best regards, Matilda.

  5. Yes 'tiresome' is the perfect word for our here it is in July and it has rained 3 out of 4 days! Its July for goodness sake!
    Thanks for gardens are stunning! Kim


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