October 10, 2009

Autumn in the garden

Sometime in late September or early October, a certain crisp coolness gives rise to a sense of urgency in any gardener's soul.  Winter is coming and there is much to do; roses to be tidied up, perennials to be divided and shared, bulbs to be planted.  After more than 2 weeks of going into the tea shop nearly every day for holiday prep, I have had the delight of several days off. The weather has been cooperating with beautiful sunny days.  To celebrate garden time I bought new boots!

Last weekend, Chris and Will brought home the perfect gift, a pick-up truck full of beautiful rich, black compost. Oh, the joy of such stuff!  We had been working off and on the past two weeks on my perennial border.  Over the last few years roots from nearby trees had invaded my garden, enjoying the water and compost found there.  The tangle of roots had finally begun to choke the delphiniums, daisies and lilies that bring me so much joy in the spring and summer.  My feeble attempts to dig out the roots, brought my husband in to help.  He dug, chopped and sifted while I lifted babies to save, tucking them into one of the raised beds.

Do not get in this man's way when he is working!  While Chris added a few new fence boards, dug in the rest of the compost and raked the bed, I puttered about weeding, harvesting plump carrots, snapping photos and planning.

There is something about rich black soil that makes the colors of foliage pop!  See how pretty the autumn dress of the peony looks in contrast?

Tomorrow promises to be another lovely day, and while my guys are off dirt bike riding, I'll be heading to the local nursery to see what perennials I may be able to find in the clearance area.  There are always orphans in need of a home. Then back in the garden I'll be, tucking plants into the bed which awaits.  And while I plant, I'll be painting a picture in my mind of what the garden will look like next year.  :-)

I'll finish up with this photo of a pretty little late season butterfly.  It took me nearly 45 minutes and a great deal of patience late in the afternoon to catch it.  I crouched nearby, but every time I'd raise my camera, the little thing would startle and flutter off about the yard, but the allure of the Autumn Joy sedum was too strong to resist. Finally, the butterfly returned one last time and I captured this shot just before it fluttered off never to be seen again.  Good-bye, farewell, please send your offspring back next year to say "Hello!"


  1. Dori, you have such a way with the turn of a phrase. You paint very vivid pictures, although the photos are a lovely addition. BTW, love the boots!

  2. Oh...Thank you! :-) I'm enjoying writing and am looking forward to journaling more frequently.
    I found the boots at Sebos! The red plaid were the only pair in my size. Much more fun than black, don't you think?

  3. Now honey Them are SOME boots !!! I loooovve them. They are just so darn cheerful just call out for a happy dance.
    Sounds like you got quite a lot done during your "time Off" LOL.


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