August 10, 2009

Stargazer time!

This was the year I was going to enter stems of stargazer lilies into our county fair.  I had my eye on the blue ribbon or maybe even Best in Show!

Oh, how I have babied these beauties since spring.  They and their strawberry companions have been fertilized, mulched, protected from marauding slugs, and deeply watered.  When I've been gone for long weekends, friends have been drafted to come tend to their needs.

Several weeks ago I thought we were right on schedule, but then came our spell of extreme heat on top of an already hot, dry summer.  I came home from a long weekend in Canada to find my Stargazers erupting into bloom.  By the time our fair starts pink petals will be falling and there will not be a bud left.  Sigh... What's a gardener to do?

This one visits her garden in the late afternoon to take photos, and again in the evening to drink in the heady fragrance, and again the next morning to pick stems for home and teashop....and dreams of next summer's blue ribbon.


  1. My goodness, Dori, what a lovely garden you have! The gate, the green vines, the pink lilies....just gorgeous. I am giving you a blue ribbon across the miles, tho' I know it can't compare with the fame and glory that is rightfully yours. : )

  2. Your blue ribbon will do quite nicely, Lesley! Aren't they beautiful? I keep peeking out the window, because I know all too soon they will be but a memory. Jamie actually took the photos for me. The light late Sunday afternoon was perfect, but my hands were covered with soil from weeding. I called him and he ran for my camera. I love best the shot of my arbor and gate. My sweetheart built me the arbor for my Cecil Brunner Rose, the second summer in our home. :)

  3. OH those are beeeyouteeful ! I know they would have won first place.
    thanks for sharing them with us.

  4. Thank you, Francie! There are only a few blossoms left now. They're in a vase on my table. Now I must be very patient!

  5. Your beautiful lilies are certainly ribbon worthy - the color is stunning. You have a wonderful looking home and garden. I've enjoyed exploring your lovely blog. It is always fun to find another tea enthusiast.


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