July 17, 2009


Isn't this the dearest little thing?  We have a swallow box up in the roof peak of our front porch and have the pleasure of monitoring a family's progress each summer.  On the third of July, this poor little baby either fell out of the nest or was pushed out by one of his siblings.  My husband spotted him huddled right outside the door and called me to come check him.

I carefully scooped him up to inspect him.  He was clearly scared, but in very good shape.  My son, Jamie, quickly snapped this photo, then a ladder was fetched.  While Mom and Dad swooped close by, he was gently guided back home.  I can happily report this young swallow fledged with the rest of his siblings earlier this week and is now working the neighborhood bug control detail.

Everytime, I look at that photo, I smile.... To me he looks like a cross between Groucho Marx and Einstein!  :-)

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  1. I'm so glad that this turned out well! He's just darling! Lidy


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