July 2, 2009

Beautiful goodness

There is something so magical about shopping for fresh produce in my own garden.  When I get home from a day of shopkeeping, I grab a basket and head out to see what beckons.  While the soaker hoses quietly hisssssss, I pick berries, greens, the vegie of the week.
Isn't that pretty?  Doesn't get any fresher or better than this!  This is the first time I've grown broccoli.  I'm not sure if it is worth the space that it takes, but my goodness, the plants are impressive!  They look almost prehistoric in their robust bigness!

My garden's not big enough to fill all our summer produce needs, but it comes fairly close and frequently we even have some to share.  I love that!  The strawberry rush is nearly over now, and the raspberries are beginning to ripen.  It is time now for some clean-up, fresh compost, and replanting of greens.
Coming soon to our table are snowpeas and summer squash.  Yes, it is nearly zucchini time, that challenging time each summer when gardeners and cooks all across North America scramble to keep up with the green buggers which grow from slender fruits to huge boats overnight.  I swear, at times I can hear them chortling in the twilight when I close the garden gate for the night.
We'll see how I do with keeping up with the zukes this year, or if I have to send my son William off in cover of darkness to leave giant squash on the front stoop of Steph and Ruth's house!


  1. Bring it on! We don't have any zukes in the garden this year! ;9

  2. Okay! There will be some heading your way! :-)

  3. Well Missy, you have managed to keep a number of things well hidden...first this wonderful blog, second your beautiful garden and surroundings and third what a really really good writer you are !

  4. You are so sweet, Francie! Thank you. :-) I am enjoying having a place to write about all the many things I love!
    Can you use a zucchini? ;-)


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