June 28, 2009

Oh, Chase!

Many of you have met one-year old Miss Millie, my diminutive Cardigan Welsh Corgi, but we actually have two corgis.  Chase (aka "Nit" or "Chasie-boy") is our nearly 12-year old Pembroke Corgi.  Chase is a "fluffy," meaning that he has long hair.  Once upon a time, a long time ago, supposedly there were some Collie genes into the Pembroke gene pool and occasionally a long-haired pup is born.  These fellows cannot be shown or bred, but they make darling pets.  Chase is just as cute as a dog can be, with fuzzy bear ears, and a long silky coat that blows in the breeze.  We adore him.

In spite of some aches and pains, and a delicate tummy, Chasie is an active and entertaining fellow.  The photos below catch him doing a "no-no!"

We have had a little brown wood rat (These are actually kind of cute, as far as rats go.  Rather like a large mouse...) that had been tantalizing the pups for awhile.  The dogs' body language had been indicating that the little rat was occasionally hiding under cover in the reeds around our little goldfish pond.  Below you can see Chase keeping watch outside of the rustic fence my DH made to keep said pup out of the pond.
One afternoon, Miss Millie came scampering in from outside and came bouncing up to me.  As soon as I greeted her with "Well! Hello there!"  she yipped, wheeled around, dashing back outside.  She stopped just off the deck, turning as to check and see if I was watching.  I was and she gave another "yip," darting down the little gravel path by the pond.  I followed and snapped this photo of her looking with great interest at.....
Chase! Ah ha! Caught in the act!
Chase has managed to find the one spot in that fence big enough to squish through and had been having a grand time smooshing down the reeds in a happy attempt to find Mr. Rat.  Before I yelled "Get out of there!" I snapped the photo above.  He was having such a good time and looked so darn cute! 
Mr. Rat has now gone the way of many rodents, and is no longer stealing our strawberries, but Chase doesn't know that.  He sits by the little fence nearly everyday.......    :-)


  1. Hi Dori~ Have a blessed week. Cute story.

  2. Thank you! It has been a good week, interesting, but good! :-) P.S. You need to fix your url addie, so it works!


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