May 30, 2009

I LOVE this time of year!

I just love May and June!  With a little sun, a little rain, a little more sun....the greenery just explodes!  We have a white lilac that is a cutting from a shrub in my mom's previous garden.  While the fragrance of this unknown variety is delicate it is delicious enough to attract my nose and this welcome little honey bee!
The bed in my garden that sheltered under the hoop house in April is now providing us with fresh greens.  Since this photo was shot 6 days ago the spinach and lettuces have doubled in size, and the peas have climbed another 10 inches or so up their bamboo trellis.  
Everything is growing so quickly!  The leaves on the mystery strawberries in the first bed are HUGE, and there must be a 1,000 berries or more hiding in there!  We had strawberries in the garden...oh, maybe 10 years ago, but not since.  The parents of these new monster plants appeared in our front yard two years ago.  The seeds were either dropped by birds or sprouted from the compost, so I have no idea what they may be, but I know they are very, very happy in their new location!  Can't wait to eat them!  :-)
Don't you love chive blossoms? The buds explode open and remind me of 4th of July fireworks. I like to pull the blossoms apart and sprinkle them over salads. The rosy purple color gives such a great contrast.
On a sunny morning I love to take my mug of tea out to the garden. I sit in my chair, listen to the birdsong and happily survey my little "farm."  It's a good way to start the day.

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  1. Your garden is beautiful, just like you. I miss you. Hope all is well.


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