January 18, 2009

A lovely holiday

Time to get back to a bit of writing!  During November and December there is little downtime to be had for such pursuits until my little shop is buttoned up for its annual winter's nap.  I must say I had a lovely holiday break.  For much of December we had snow on the ground including Christmas day itself.  We must have received 14 to 16 inches of snow here.  It was lovely!
The snow altered plans, but once decisions were made not to travel, it was as if the whole world breathed a sigh and relaxed. So while the snow fell and turned our yard and island into a winter wonderland, I (for the most part) holed up inside by the fire enjoying the view......
and I did a lot of this!  I started a new knitting project, re-read one of my favorite books, drank gallons of tea and munched my way through many yummy treats. Was excellent therapy! 

I am not an accomplished knitter by any stretch of the imagination.  This little project is only my fourth.  Two years ago I taught myself to knit using videos from KnittingHelp.com.  Amazing what one can find online!  After showing a dear friend my first project, a little purse, she gifted me with a beautiful skein of silk yarn that she had spun.  This is what I finally worked up enough courage to use.  The yarn is soft and silky, light oatmeal in color with bits of lilac, yellow, blue and green.  I'm making a narrow scarf, only about 4 inches wide and quite loosely knit.  I will knit until the yarn runs out.  I think on both ends I shall sew on a scattering of small pearl beads.  The soft sheen of the beads will complement the lustre of the silk fiber. 

I'll show you when it is finished, hopefully before winter ends!  :)

1 comment:

  1. Will it ever get sunny?!!
    ..I taught myself to knit but I think I did it wrong, cause my fingers hurt when I do it..but I love this art!
    Hope all is well.


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