September 4, 2008


I just waved to William, who has left to catch the first bus of the year.  He's wearing his new shoes, new jeans and a rather elegant looking silver gray t-shirt.  My sweet, handsome boy still turns at the bottom of the hill, just before he rounds the bend out of sight, to wave to me as I watch him from the porch.  In a few short years, I will no longer have this lovely start to my day.  Both my boys have kept the tradition of waving to Mom.  If I close my eyes I can see hundreds of waves quickly pass by, as if I stacked photos, one atop the next, and flipped through them like a deck of colorful cards.  From little boys to young men they have grown, in just a blink of the eye. 

September, my favorite month of the year.  For me, this lovely month,my birth month, is still the month of new beginnings and fresh promise.  I am filled with anticipation for what the coming months will bring.


  1. Oh, Dori!
    You have brought tears to my eyes! Happy first day of school to William!

  2. My, it is to die for BEAUTIFUL where you live! Your William, and your Camellia Rose are so cute, too!
    xo moi


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